New Mexico State University


If you have a problem you would like to sort out or a complaint to make, with regard to the department's graduate program, examinations, procedures and so on, you are strongly encouraged to consult an appropriate member of the faculty. Of course, you will typically want to talk about it with other students, but please be aware that in the past some graduate students have received seriously wrong impressions or advice through relying entirely on other students.

It's usually best to talk first with your Advisor. It's also a good idea to consult the graduate student who is currently designated the Graduate Student Representative to the faculty (see "Committees" section of this handbook). The next step is probably to talk to the Graduate Committee (see the "Graduate Committee" section). Part of the function of this committee is to help you with problems.

Finally, if none of these avenues takes you anywhere useful, you are encouraged to speak to the Department Head.

Normally you should exhaust the help the department can provide before consulting other bodies in the university.

Straightforward procedural questions should be taken first to the department office personnel.