New Mexico State University

Undergraduate Deficiencies

You might have been conditionally accepted to the graduate program. The condition for your acceptance might not appear on the letter you received accepting you into our graduate program. It is specified in the departmental referral sheet and is included in your file.

Often, the condition for your admission consists in a list of undergraduate deficiency courses that you must remove.

Together with your advisor, you should check that this list is appropriate as soon as possible after your arrival. If you feel that you need not take one of the listed courses, you should discuss this with your advisor.

Your advisor or a professor who is an instructor for the course may waive your deficiency course requirement if you have already completed an equivalent course or you demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge about the course by means of a challenging test. Once your advisor has decided on the final list, you should make arrangements to take the courses as soon as possible.

Note that a course that is taken as an undergraduate deficiency (numbering CS 461, 462, 463, ... , 469), or is one of CS 471, 473, or 474, cannot be counted for graduate credit.

Students are encouraged to take each deficiency before taking a course, in which this deficiency is a prerequisite.

You must successfully complete all undergraduate deficiencies before taking the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination.