New Mexico State University

Other Matters

  • CS graduate students are expected to attend CS department colloquia whenever they do not conflict with classes or other obligatory events.
  • One graduate student in the department is designated the Graduate Student Representative to the department faculty. This person attends faculty meetings and serves as a general contact point between the graduate student body and the faculty. The current Representative is Ben Wright (Email). Normally, the Representative attends the Faculty Meetings.
  • There is a departmental student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The ACM chapter officers are all students at NMSU. Officers make all decisions and meet with a senior faculty members for advice. Activities of the chapter include: organizing and sponsoring presentations; organizing fund raisers; scheduling paper contests; scheduling programming contests; providing assistance (e.g., books, references) with student related research; surveying the needs of the computer science students and working towards fulfilling these needs.
  • There is a student chapter of the Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.
  • ASNMSU (Associated Students of NMSU) runs a Graduate Student Council. The Council awards grants to graduate students for academic travel such as trips to conferences
  • CSGSO has a library of books that are available for checkout.
  • Travel grants can also sometimes be obtained from the department, the College of Arts and Sciences or the Graduate School. Students on research assistantships sometimes have travel supported by higher sums drawn from research grants.
Library highlights:

From the department computer network you can consult an electronic index of (many of) the holdings in the main university library:

There is a joint Psychology/Mathematics/Computer-Science/Computing-Research-Laboratory library in Science Hall, second floor. The door is always locked but the outside door key opens it.

  • The department runs a technical report series. Reports currently available can be viewed online
  • The department offers a graduate minor in Computer Science to master's and doctoral students in other departments. At both the master's and doctoral level, 8 credits of grcan count towards a graduate minor in CS (even though they cannot be used for graduate credit by a CS graduate student).

All the courses counting towards the minor must be approved in advance by the Computer Science department head. The department head or CS course instructors may require the student to take undergraduate courses that are prerequisites for the courses counting towards the graduate minor.

In the doctoral case, the student's doctoral committee must include a graduate faculty member from the Computer Science department.