New Mexico State University
NMSU CSGSO Graduate Handbook

Computer Science Graduate Assistant Handbook

This handbook contains important information of various types, geared towards making graduate students who have already been admitted more aware of requirements and opportunities. It is not directed at students who are at the stage of applying for admission. It is not intended to replace documents such as the Graduate Catalog (also sometimes called the Graduate Bulletin). Graduate students are expected to read the Graduate Catalog very carefully and to pay close attention to the deadlines and other administrative details specified in it. Many such details are deliberately omitted from this handbook to avoid excessive duplication. In addition, please be aware that the authority on Graduate School requirements, policies and procedures is the Graduate School, not this handbook.


One of the most important initial steps you have the responsibility to take on entering the department's graduate program is to see the advisor assigned to you in the admissions process. You will probably be urged to do this by staff in the department office, but if not you should find out from them who your advisor is and go to see him or her as soon as possible. In many cases, we cannot tell from a student's application what a good choice of advisor is. You are therefore encouraged to consider applying to have your advisor changed, once you have been here a while and have learned a little about the faculty and their areas of specialization. See the department office personnel if you wish to change your advisor.