New Mexico State University

Teaching and Research Assistantships

The department has several 20-hour/week Teaching Assistantships. Some of these are split into two 10-hour/week slots. To apply, use the Teaching Assistant Application material obtainable from the CS office.

Some Research Assistantships are run by faculty members who have research grants. To apply, contact managing research faculty member.

Foreign students whose native language is not English can obtain teaching assistantships after having cleared the University Teaching Skills test. They can, however, obtain research assistantships if their command of English is adequate for the particular tasks involved in the assistantships.

Department teaching assistantship decisions are made by the Awards Committee, not by the Graduate Committee. Neither committee awards research assistantships. These are awarded by the faculty/staff members running the relevant research projects in the department . It helps to become acquainted with ongoing projects, and to make yourself known to the people involved. Obviously, competition for the limited number of teaching and research assistantships is strong.

Teaching Assistantships are assigned on a semester basis. Applications are reviewed and ranked by the entire faculty. Ranking depends on:

  1. Previous experience
  2. GPA
  3. Special needs
  4. Selected courses
  5. Faculty recommendation