Satyajayant Misra
Associate Professor


Department of Computer Science
College of Arts and Sciences
New Mexico State University
Office: Science Hall 148
Phone: (575) 646-6256
Email: misra@cs.nmsu.edu





My research interests span wireless and wired networks, high performance computing system, and online social networks. I head the Network and System Optimization Laboratory (NSOL) at New Mexico State University.

My research group works on designing and implementing simple and efficient algorithms or protocols for solving outstanding problems. Our problems of interests include security and privacy provisioning, jamming mitigation, resource optimization in networks, and novel architecture design for future networks (next generation Internet, the Smart Grid, Exascale Computing Clusters).

We have published in acclaimed journals, such as IEEE Communications on Surveys and Tutorials, IEEE Transactions on Networking, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing and IEEE transaction on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. We have been accepted in acclaimed conferences such as IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE SECON, IEEE SuperComputing, IEEE ICNP, ACM ICN.

My work has been cited more than 1700 times by international peers.