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Graduate Student Organization

Logic, Knowledge, and Reasoning Research


  • Implementation of Functional Logic Parallel Virtual Machine

    This project plans to implement a parallel virtual machine of the multi-paradigm functional logic language Curry. The evaluation strategy employed by the virtual machine is based on definitional trees and needed narrowing for deterministic operations, while non-deterministic operations will depend on the graph transformation, bubbling.

    • Abdulla Alqaddoumi
  • Publications:
  • Mapping Low Level Data to Abstract Knowledge

    Studying the effectiveness of using various machine learning techniques to map low level information onto a complex abstract knowledge base.

    • Patrick Defibaugh-Chavez
    Link: Homepage
  • Conformant Planning

    • Khoi Nguyen, Vien Tran, E. Pontelli, and T. C. Son. On Improving Conformant Plan-ners by Exploiting Domain-Structures. AAAI 2011.
    • Khoi Nguyen, Vien Tran, Son Tran, Enrico Pontelli. On Computing Conformant Plans Using Classical Planners: A Generate-And-Complete Approach. ICAPS 2012.
    • D. V. Tran, H. K. Nguyen, E. Pontelli, and T. C. Son. Improving performance of conformant planners: Static analysis of declarative planning domain specifications. In PADL 2009, pages 239-253. Springer, 2009.
    • Dang-Vien Tran, Hoang-Khoi Nguyen, Tran Cao Son, Enrico Pontelli. CPA(H): A Conformant Planner Based on Approximation. ACM TIST.

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