bullet The AI Universe of “Actions”: Agency, Causality, Commonsense and Deceptioni, IJCAI 2019 (with Chitta Baral). Details
bullet Multi-Agent Pathfinding: Models, Solvers, and Systems, AAAI 2019 (with Roman Barták, Philipp Obermeier, Torsten Schaub, Roni Stern). Details
bullet Logic Programming: Foundations and Applications ICAPS 2019 (with Enrico Pontelli, Marcello Balduccini). YouTube Video
bulletKRR and Epistemic Planning: Specification and Implementation Issues, Dagstuhl Seminar, 2017. PDF
bulletApproximation Based Reasoning and Conformant/Conditional Planning - Bridging Reasoning About Actions & Changes and Planning, ICAPS, 2007. PDF
bulletAnswer Set Programming, ICTAC, 2005. PDF

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