The tutorial is divided into the following sections:

Files and Naming Conventions in This Tutorial
This section describes the files distributed as a part of this tutorial, and the naming conventions for the functions in the BBFS filesystem. It's really there to provide an overview of the whole tutorial and filesystem, not to directly provide information on FUSE.

Running BBFS
A little bit of information on mounting a filesystem with bbfs, watching the log, and unmounting it.

Callbacks and struct fuse_operations
This is the heart of a FUSE filesystem, and of this tutorial. The central concepts are discussed here.

Parsing the Command Line and Initializing FUSE
Getting your program started.

Private Data and Related Topics
Maintaining filesystem state.

Extra Information on Unclear FUSE Functions
The intent of this section is to give some extra information on FUSE functions that seem a little unclear. Write now, this section covers readdir() and FUSE's handling of the file creation flags to open().

Security Considerations and Race Conditions
Running a FUSE filesystem may raise some security issues that you should be aware of. Also, since the FUSE server is multithreaded, there may be some race conditions you need to think about.

Thanks and Other Resources
I'd like to acknowledge people who've helped by noticing bugs (or in any other way). Also, this is not the only resource on FUSE on the web.

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