Several sharp-eyed readers of this tutorial have noticed bugs, and in some cases supplied patches. Thanks!

Neeraj RawatThe code wasn't portable to FreeBSD. It's thanks to Neeraj that I switched to GNU autotools, and made several changes for compatibility with FreeBSD
David Terret:bb_readlink() was returning number of bytes read instead of 0
Patrick Ulam:bb_release() wasn't closing the file
Patrick Ulam and Bernardo F Costa:bb_readlink() wasn't null-terminating the string. Patrick and Bernardo also supplied patches! The current bb_readlink() code is Bernardo's
Bernardo F Costa:Command-line argument parsing wasn't handling -o correctly
Bernardo F Costa:Got me thinking about security implications
Diogo Melo and Sivan Tal:Makefile order of arguments was wrong and caused link errors for some (but not all!) users
Skippy VonDrakePointed out the code I used to use for command line parsing was confusing, so I wound up rewriting it
Ivan MiddletonDiscovered my xattr code wasn't ever being compiled, and had a bug besides

Other Resources

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Singh, Sumit, Develop your own filesystem with FUSE on IBM Developerworks

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