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Graduate Student Organization


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  • Networks and Systems Optimization Lab

    The Networks and Systems Optimization Lab (NSOL), a research lab in the Department of Computer Science at New Mexico State University, focuses on addressing both the theoretical and practical aspects of optimization of networks and systems. Our vision is to design comprehensive solutions that apply in real-world settings.

    • Nahid Ebrahimi Majd
    • Kabi Bhattarai
    • Michael Harris
    • Jharrod Lafon
    • Sowmya Myneni
    Link: Homepage
  • PLEASE lab

    The PLEASE lab is organized around research in software engineering, and programming languages and environments.

    Students: Link: Homepage
  • Multi-scale modelling of spatial and spatio-temporal patterns in biological developments.

    We study the dynamics of the developmental patterns on a variety of domains, from tissue formation to animal coats. To be more specific, we model the developmental patterns in an integrated environment of molecular-level regulatory interactions and cellular-level activities, including mitosis, cell differentiation, cell migration and apoptosis. Our latest biological validation is on Drosophila's eye formation.

    • Hien Nguyen
  • Mutual Authentication in RFID Systems

    This is a Masters Thesis

    • Sowmya Myneni
  • Implementation of Functional Logic Parallel Virtual Machine

    Implementation of a Functional Logic Parallel Virtual Machine for efficient execution of functional logic programs.

    • Abdulla Alqaddoumi
  • Publications:
  • Mapping Low Level Data to Abstract Knowledge

    Studying the effectiveness of using various machine learning techniques to map low level information onto a complex abstract knowledge base.

    • Patrick Defibaugh-Chavez
    Link: Homepage
  • A computational modeling framework for gene regulatory networks based on insufficient data

    Deals with developing statistical modeling on gene regulatory networks

    • Yang Zhang
    • Zhengyu Ouyang
  • Organ Registration Detective

    Deals with recognizing pipe organ stops in audio recordings

    • Hans Fugal
    Link: Homepage
  • CDAO-Store

    CDAO-store is a repository providing a rich set of API's for querying and visualizing phyloinformatics data.

    • Brandon Chisham
    • Trung Le
    • Ben Wright
    Publications/Conferences: Link: Homepage | Repository


  • Wireless Sensor Network Security

    Worked on the problem of sybil attack which is prevalent in and can be crippling to WSNs.

    • Sowmya Myneni
  • RAPD: Analytical and Exploratory Approaches to Communicate Mathematics to Visually Impaired Students

    • Iyad Abu Doush
    Links: Homepage

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