Logic Programming Research

And-Or Parallelism in Full Prolog with Paged Binding Arrays

In Proc. of Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe (PARLE), Springer Verlag Lectures Notes Computes Science 605, Paris, June 1992, pp. 617-632

Gopal Gupta, Vitor Santos Costa

Most models that have been proposed (or implemented) so far for exploiting both or-parallelism and independent and-parallelism have only considered pure logic programs (pure Prolog). We present an abstract model, called the Composition-Tree, for representing and-or parallelism in full Prolog. The Binding Array scheme is extended for And-Or parallel execution based on the Composition-tree. We also show how extra-logical predicates, such as cuts and side-effects, can be supported in this model.

The whole paper can be downloaded from our server.

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