Logic Programming Research

Logic Programming as an Introductory Programming Paradigm

Association of Logic Programming News Letter, Feb. 1993, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 5-7

Gopal Gupta, Juris Renfelds

This report contains contributions from the speakers who spoke at the birds-of-a-feather session organized by us to discuss the suitability of Logic Programming as an Introductory Programming Paradigm. The session was held on Tuesday, Nov 10th, during the Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming 1992 in Washington D.C. The contributions of individual speakers (in the form of copies of transparencies they used in their talks) are preceded by a brief summary of the session proceedings. This summary also appears in the February issue of the Logic Programming Newsletter 6(1) pp. 5-7. We would like to acknowledge the support of our colleagues at NMSU who are working with us on the NSF curriculum development project.

The whole paper can be downloaded from our server.

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