Logic Programming Research

Data Parallel Logic Programming in &ACE

Proc. of the IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, September 1995.

Gopal Gupta, Enrico Pontelli,

&ACE is a high performance Parallel Prolog System developed at the Laboratory for Logic, Databases, and Advanced Programming that exploits and-parallelism from Prolog programs. &ACE was developed to exploit MIMD parallelism. However, SPMD parallelism also arises naturally in many Prolog programs. In this paper we develop runtime techniques that allow systems that have primarily been designed to exploit MIMD parallelism (such as &ACE) to also efficiently exploit SPMD parallelism. These runtime techniques have been incorporated in the &ACE system. Performance of &ACE augmented with these techniques on programs containing SPMD parallelism is presented.

The whole paper can be downloaded from our server.

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