Logic Programming Research

Multiprocessor Execution of Logic Programs

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994

Gopal Gupta

MULTIPROCESSORS EXECUTION OF LOGIC PROGRAMS addressees the problem of efficient implementation of Logic Programming Languages, specifically Prolog, on multiprocessor architectures. The approaches and implementations developed attempt to take full advantage of sequential implementation technology developed for Prolog (such as WAM) while exploiting all forms of control parallelism present in Logic Programs, namely, or-parallelism, indipendent and-parallelism and dependent and-parallelism. Coverage includes a thorough survey of parallel implementation techniques and parallel systems developed for Prolog.

MULTIPROCESSORS EXECUTION OF LOGIC PROGRAMS will be useful for people implementing paralle logic programming systems, parallel symbolic systems, parallel AI systems, and parallel theorem proving systems. This work will also be useful to people who wish to learn about implementation of parallel logic programming systems.

Index and Introduction

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