Logic Programming Research

Nested Parallel Call Optimization

New Mexico State University, Technical Report.

Gopal Gupta, Enrico Pontelli

Or-parallelism and And-parallelism have often been considered as two distinct forms of parallelism with not much in common. As a result, they have been treated quite independently and different mechanisms have been employed for realizing them. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the inherently dual nature of the two forms of parallelism and the similarities that exist between them. The dualities and similarities observed are then exploited for gaining new insights into the design, implementation, and optimization of and- and or-parallel systems. The ideas developed in this paper are concretely illustrated with the help of ACE system---a parallel Prolog system incorporating both and- and or-parallelism. The results from implementing these ideas are also briefly reported.

The whole paper can be downloaded from our server.

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