Research in Logic Programming

WEB-ACE: A Parallel Logic Programming Framework for Internet Programming

Gopal Gupta, Enrico Pontelli

The development of the World Wide Web (WWW) has been considerably delayed due to the excessive complexity of developing advanced and intelligent applications for the Internet. An average application may require the use of different languages, an in-depth understanding of various communication protocols and low-level communication mechanisms, etc. In this paper we propose a logic programming system, called WEB-ACE, extended with various features to support natural, effective, and efficient development of Internet tools. The nature of the constructs introduced in the language makes it particularly suitable to support intelligent Internet applications (knowledge-based systems, agents, etc.). WEB-ACE covers various issues in supporting knowledge-based handling of the World Wide Web, allowing structured and constraint-based management of WWW information, passive and active view of WWW, as well as a powerful support for concurrent applications. The resulting system offers a general and unified framework for Internet programming, in which the flexibility and high abstraction of logic programming is coupled with general Internet-related mechanisms. Various examples of complex intelligent applications are presented, to underline the simplicity and the power of the proposed ideas.
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