Introduction to Program Design & Concepts
csce121 (spring 2011)


Zachary O. Dugas Toups, Ph.D.

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office hours:
RICH 901m
10:30am–11:30am (t, th) & by appt.

teaching assistant:

Elham Khabiri

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office hours:
RDMC 229
5:15pm–6:15pm (m, w) & by appt.
TA mailbox:
HRBB 312

peer teachers:

lecture     10:20am–11:10am (m, w, f)     ZACH 105b
lab 507     3:55pm–4:45pm (t, th)     RDMC 111b
lab 508     4:10pm–5:00pm (m, w)     RDMC 111b

Course Materials



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You must submit both an electronic copy of your work and a hard copy of the signed cover sheet for your assignments. The electronic copy is submitted through; the hard copy must be turned in to your TA. All assignments are due by the date listed below; see the syllabus for details on late work.

Assignment 1 - DUE Feb. 1, 11:59pm

Assignment 2 - DUE Feb. 15, 11:59pm

Assignment 3 - DUE Mar. 1, 11:59pm

Assignment 4 - DUE Mar. 22, 11:59pm

Individual Project Spec. - DUE Mar. 25, NOON

Assignment 5 - DUE Apr. 12, 11:59pm

Team Project Design Spec. (25%) - DUE Apr. 14, 11:59pm

Assignment 6 (OPTIONAL) - DUE May 3, 11:59pm

Final Project Demo (15%) - DUE May 3, IN CLASS

Final Project Implementation (30%) - DUE May 5, 11:59pm

Final Project Report (30%) - DUE May 8, 11:59pm


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