CS 479/579: Heuristic Search and its Applications
Spring 2013

Reading Materials
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Tentative Lecture Schedule:

  • Jan 17: Discussion of syllabus and class rules
  • Jan 22: How to read and critique a research paper [pdf]
    • Wheeler Ruml, The Logic of Benchmarking: A Case Against State-of-the-Art Performance. Proceedings of SoCS, 2011 [pdf]
  • Jan 24: Uninformed search (chapter 2) [pdf]
  • Jan 29: Uninformed search (chapter 2) [pdf]
  • Jan 31: A* search (chapter 2) [pdf]

  • Feb 05: Inadmissible search (chapter 6) [pdf]
  • Feb 07: Inadmissible search (research papers)
    • Christopher Wilt and Wheeler Ruml, When does Weighted A* Fail?. Proceedings of SoCS, 2012 [pdf]
           Presenters: Nando (pros), Federico (cons)
    • Jordan Thayer and Wheeler Ruml, Bounded Suboptimal Search: A Direct Approach Using Inadmissible Estimates. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2011 [pdf]
           Presenters: Ruiqi (pros), Richard (cons)
  • Feb 12: Local search (chapter 14) [pdf]
  • Feb 14: Pattern databases (chapter 4) [pdf]
  • Feb 19: Pattern databases (research papers)
    • Ariel Felner, Ram Meshulam, Robert Holte and Richard Korf, Compressing Pattern Databases. Proceedings of AAAI, 2004 [pdf]
           Presenters: Athena (pros), Nando (cons)
    • Adi Botea, Fast, Optimal Pathfinding with Compressed Path Databases. Proceedings of SoCS, 2012 [pdf]
           Presenters: Ping (pros), Cheng Yi (cons)
  • Feb 21: Any-angle search [pdf]
  • Feb 26: Any-angle search (research papers)
    • Alex Nash, Sven Koenig and Craig Tovey, Lazy Theta*: Any-Angle Path Planning and Path Length Analysis in 3D. Proceedings of AAAI, 2010 [pdf]
           Presenters: Cheng Yi (pros), Federico (cons)
    • Peter Yap, Neil Burch, Rob Holte and Jonathan Shaeffer, Block A*: Database-Driven Search with Applications in Any-angle Path-Planning. Proceedings of AAAI, 2011 [pdf]
           Presenters: Nando (pros), Athena (cons)
  • Feb 28: Memory-bounded search (chapter 6) [pdf]
  • Mar 05: Memory-bounded search (research papers)
    • David Furcy and Sven Koenig, Limited Discrepancy Beam Search. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2005 [pdf]
           Presenters: Federico (pros), Nando (cons)
    • Uzi Zahavi, Ariel Felner, Neil Burch and Robert Holte, Predicting the Performance of IDA* with Conditional Distributions. Proceedings of AAAI, 2008 [pdf]
           Presenters: Rachel (pros), Hua (cons)
  • Mar 07: External search (chapter 8) [pdf]
  • Mar 12: External search (research papers)
    • Rong Zhou and Eric Hansen, Structured Duplicate Detection in External-Memory Graph Search. Proceedings of AAAI, 2004 [pdf]
           Presenters: Ping (pros), Ruiqi (cons)
    • Matthew Hatem, Ethan Burns and Wheeler Ruml, Heuristic Search for Large Problems with Real Costs. Proceedings of AAAI, 2011 [pdf]
           Presenters: Federico (pros), Hua (cons)
  • Mar 14: Distributed search (chapter 9) [pdf]
  • Mar 19: Distributed search (research papers)
    • Ethan Burns, Seth Lemons, Wheeler Ruml and Rong Zhou, Parallel Best-First Search: Optimal and Suboptimal Solutions. Proceedings of SoCS, 2009 [pdf]
           Presenters: Rachel (pros), Abdullah (cons)
    • Stefan Edelkamp, Daniel Sulewski and Cengizhan Yucel, Perfect Hashing for State Space Exploration on the GPU. Proceedings of ICAPS, 2010 [pdf]
           Presenters: Athena (pros), Ahmad (cons)
  • Mar 21: Class is canceled
  • Mar 26: Spring break
  • Mar 28: Spring break
  • Apr 02: Incremental search [pdf]
  • Apr 04: Incremental search (research papers)
    • Xiaoxun Sun, Sven Koenig and William Yeoh, Generalized Adaptive A*. Proceedings of AAMAS, 2008 [pdf]
           Presenters: Richard (pros), Rachel (cons)
    • Xiaoxun Sun and Sven Koenig, Efficient Incremental Search for Moving Target Search. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2009 [pdf]
           Presenters: Ping (pros), Nando (cons)
  • Apr 09: Real-time search (chapter 11) [pdf]
  • Apr 11: Real-time search (research papers)
    • Carlos Hernandez and Jorge Baier, Real-Time Heuristic Search with Depression Avoidance. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2011 [pdf]
           Presenters: Hua (pros), Ping (cons)
    • Yngvi Bjornsson, Vadim Bulitko and Nathan Sturtevant, TBA*: Time-Bounded A*. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2009 [pdf]
           Presenters: Athena (pros), Rachel (cons)
  • Apr 16: Application: Robotics (chapter 19) [pdf]
  • Apr 18: Application: Robotics (research papers)
    • Paul Vernaza, Maxim Lihachev, Subhrajit Bhattacharya, Sachin Chitta, Alesandr Kushleyev and Daniel Lee, Search-based Planning for a Legged Robot over Rough Terrain. Proceedings of ICRA, 2009 [pdf]
           Presenters: Abdullah (pros), Ping (cons)
    • Benjamin Cohen, Sachin Chitta and Maxim Likhachev, Search-based Planning for Manipulation with Motion Primitives. Proceedings of ICRA, 2010 [pdf]
           Presenters: Ahmad (pros), Cheng Yi(cons)
  • Apr 23: Applications (chapters 13, 17 & 18) [pdf]
  • Apr 25: Applications (research papers)
    • Eric Huang and Richard Korf, New Improvements in Optimal Rectangle Packing. Proceedings of IJCAI, 2009 [pdf]
           Presenters: Hua (pros), Federico (cons)
    • Eric Huang and Richard Korf, Optimal Packing of High-Precision Rectangles. Proceedings of AAAI, 2011 [pdf]
           Presenters: Cheng Yi (pros), Athena (cons)

Tentative Project Schedule:

  • Feb 14: Project abstracts due
  • Apr 01: Midterm progress updates due
  • Apr 29: Projects due
  • Apr 30, May 02: Project presentations