This is a pretty picture! Isn't it nice-looking?

One really neat thing to do is to convert this image into a raw PNM (using pngtopnm, in the netpbm library, or the pnmtopng Debian package - other programs put in comment headers, and that would be Bad), and then type the source code in, and compile the sourcecode and then run it with the PPM as input and, say, pipe it through tar xzvf. For example:

	gcc source.c
	pngtopnm < fluffy5.png > temp.ppm; ./a.out < temp.ppm | decrypt - see note | tar xzvf -

(For some bizarre reason, this sometimes doesn't work when you pipe directly into a.out...)

You can do this with other raw-type PNM files too, using this crappy source, though you need to make sure your input PNM is in raw (rather than ASCII) format, has no comment header (if it has one, it can be stripped easily by doing something like pnmtopng < myfile.ppm | pngtopnm > strippedfile.ppm, or the truly daring can just use vi) and that it's got at least 8 times the number of image bytes as the data file (i.e. a 12345-byte datafile needs at least a 98760-byte image, such as a 200x165 24bit image).

Note: Under the DMCA, ROT13 is considered "use protection," and so the output of this program has been double-encrypted through ROT13 so as to protect its output. Replace the "decrypt - see note" in the command above with some means of decrypting double-ROT13 (also known as ROT26), in order to make the output usable.

This is not the first version of this image though. It originally looked like this:

One nice NCSU student who was bored with his Scheme homework decided to improve the source code, so I made up a nicer-looking image with his nicer-looking source code. Below is the picture I made because of him.

And then my page was apparently seen on Slashdot (which I don't read anymore, and Kuro5hin had a story on this page a LONG time ago) and so I got some more interest in my page and then I was inspired to make the sourcecode as tiny small as possible!

And then a silly person writing to me from (which I do not think is actually the army) and I got into a nice discussion to get it down to only 113 characters and so then I made the fourth picture! The third and fourth ones were rendered using my realtime 3D engine, by the way.

And then he got it down to 107. So I had to get it down to 104. Whee.