This is my academic homepage, which doesn't really have all that much on it except research and classwork, and the occasional Las Cruces-specific stuff. Of course, I'm no longer at NMSU, so this site isn't ever going to be updated.

If you need to send me email for whatever reason, I have contact information at my current website.

Academic Stuff

Courses - If you're feeling nostalgic for the days when I was a TA, go here.

Solace - see the 3D engine and VR system I was working on for both personal amusement and as a research testbed, for my dissertation research in the field of realtime high-fidelty rendering and animation on commodity graphics hardware (such as commonly-available PCs and the Sony Playstation 2).

Not the DeCSS Source - fun with steganography (and if this isn't proof that code can be an artistic statement, I don't know what is...)

Student Submission System - here's my tweaked version of the wonderful CGI-based assignment submission system written by Dr. Jon Cook. (I'm assuming that his license permits forking!)

Other things

NMSU computer graphics seminar/forum, my attempt at bringing computer graphics research out of the "interesting sideline" status in this department