3rd International Compulog/ALP Summer School on Logic Programming and Computational Logic

Student grants

The school is free of charge for all admitted applicants. We will also provide lunches to all participants for the duration of the summer school. Several different types of grants will be available to offset partially or totally the travel and lodging costs.

IMPORTANT: Thanks to the joint support of the Computing Research Association Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research and the Coalition to Diversify Computing, we have *several full scholarships* (i.e., travel and lodging) for applicants who are MINORITY and/or WOMEN.
The scholarships could be awarded to US citizens, permanent residents or those who are attending a U.S. institution. We cannot fund those that are not attending a U.S. institution.

Partial grants covering lodging and meals will be provided to selected participants who requests them. Students who wish to request a grant should contact via email Enrico Pontelli (epontell@cs.nmsu.edu) motivating the request.