ICCS 2001 Workshop

CG Tool Information




CGWorld is a Web based workbench for distributed development of a knowledge base of Conceptual Graphs, which resides on a central server. It combines utilities for visualization, representation, search, and inference on CGs. It is implemented in Java and Prolog. The workbench includes a graphical, easy to use CG Editor. CGWorld has facilities for translating CGs between four different formats - Display form, CGLex, FOPC, and CGIF. It contains implementation of the CG inference rules join, generalization, specialization, type extraction and type contraction. Operations on conceptual graphs can be requested through a user-friendly interface and the resulting CGs are visualized in display form.


Java 2 (JDK 1.3.1); SISCTus Prolog 3.8.x; Tomcat 3.1.1. Tested under Windows NT/2000.

Compliance with CGTools CGIF final graphs


Level 2. CGWorld's CGIF conversion parser [convert.bat] can translate most of the syntax as specified in Sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the June 2001 version of the CG Standard. It, however, does not do Section 7.3 yet.


Level 2. This is using the CGIF files after conversion to the CGWorld system.
Level 5. Using the hand converted files to CGWorld internal format.


  • readme.html (installation notes and quick introduction).
  • CGWorld/Index.html (openning page).
  • CGWorld.pdf, the ICCS 2001 CGTools Workshop paper.

Author Information

Pavlin Dobrev, ProSyst Bulgaria Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria pavlin@prosyst.com
Albena Strupchanska, Linguistic Modeling Lab, CLPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, albena@lml.bas.bg
Kristina Toutanova, Stanford University, Department of Computer Science, Stanford, CA, USA, kristina@cs.stanford.edu