ICCS 2001 Workshop

CG Tool Information




A Java class API for developing CG tools and applications. It aims to be a software realization of the draft ANSI CG standard. Notio provides classes with methods for representing, constructing, and manipulating CG's and type hierarchies. Notio is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.


Java 1.1.x or higher. Tested under Windows 98 and Linux 2.4 (RedHat 7.1).

Compliance with CGTools CGIF final graphs


Level 5. Notio's CGIF parser can handle most of the syntax as specified in Sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the June 2001 version of the CG Standard. It currently cannot parse compound types (disjuncts and conjuncts) or structure descriptors.


Level 1. Notio also handles level 2 except for the "@3" quantifier. Note that Notio actually constructs graphs for all 5 levels, but makes no attempt to interpret the knowledge base information and does not expand or store the details of quantifiers, handle compound types (disjuncts, conjuncts, etc.), or structure descriptors.


  • notio/index.html (links together all files, papers, and documentation)
  • Notio.pdf, the ICCS 2001 CGTools Workshop introduction to Notio and a Notio-based project.

Author Information

Finnegan Southey, fdjsouthey@uwaterloo.ca, http://backtrack.uwaterloo.ca/~finnegan/