ICCS 2001 Workshop

Workshop on Conceptual Graphs Tools (CGTools)

Stanford University, California, USA

July 30, 2001 and CD Presentation

The goal of the workshop is to encourage the development of a set of tools that transmit CG graphs by using the CGIF standard file format. This set of tools will be made available to the CG community for evaluation and research purposes.

The main focus of the workshop will be on

Providing a Set of CG Tools

that can all process CGIF format. Each research author must present an operational tool that can accept CG graphs in CGIF format and produce some useful result. If the output of the tool produces new CG graphs, then they should be in CGIF format. However, a useful tool could be one that just converts the input graphs in CGIF format to another format such as KIF. In this way, the tools can operate as a set, with one tool producing possible input for another tool's evaluation. This workshop will be of primary interest to researchers that are currently working on tools that use the CG formalism and they would like to demonstrate the tool's functionality. It is also of interest to researchers that would like to use the developed tools by setting up some collaborations with their research.

CGTools will be a workshop of ICCS2001 (International Conference on Conceptual Structures), which will be held in Stanford, California, U.S.A., July 30 to August 3, 2001.

Workshop Program

The workshop will be held in two parts. 1) as demonstrations at the PORT Workshop of the tools that are on the CD and 2) as a discussion between the researchers that have functional tools on the CD and researchers that are interested in possibly using those tools.

Program for Tool Demonstrations

  • 2:00 pm - Notio by Finnegan Southey
  • 2:10 pm - CharGer by Harry Delugach
  • 2:30 pm - pCG by David Benn
  • 2:50 pm - CGWorld by Kristina Toutanova and Pavlin Dobrev
  • 3:10 pm - ARCEdit by Heather Pfeiffer

All tools on the CD must be able to process CGIF format. The tools are separated into tools that process a previous version of the standard from the June 2001 version, and tools that can process Level1 and Level2 graphs from the final graph set.


Accepted papers are available in the workshop electronic proceedings. The proceedings will also be electronically published on the Conceptual Graph web site. Lastly, the papers and the tools will be burned onto a CD that will be handed out to all participants of ICCS2001.

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Workshop Cochairs
Heather D. Pfeiffer (USA)
Roger T. Hartley (USA)
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David Benn (Australia)
Pavlin Dobrev (Bulgaria)
Kristina Toutanova (USA)