Heather D. Pfeiffer, PhD

hpfeiffe AT nmsu.edu and hdp AT cs.nmsu.edu
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Heather is Senior Software Engineer at Akamai Physics, Inc. and Instructional Faculty at DACC/New Mexico State University. You may have a look at her CV or if you like, you may contact her for a current resume or a list of Publications.

Teaching Responsibilities

She is teaching the following course at DACC: CS171G. If you would like get to the course, go through Canvas.

Work Responsibilities

She is responsible to develop and implement the needed software systems for Akamai Physics, Inc.; including, but not limited, developing the LabVIEW software. She is a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer.

Research Interests

Current research interests include software engineering emphasizing analysis of data structures for fast algorithms for knowledge base and data base management systems, modelling biological algorithms and systems, performance optimization in particular caches, and/or web design and web site development.

She is involved in the Conceptual Structures community. She was the Program Co-Chair for ICCS2004; ran a Workshop on Conceptual Graphs Tools in connection with ICCS2001, Program Co-Chair for CS-TIW 2007 in connection with ICCS2007; and Program Co-Chair for ICCS2013.


Heather is currently the webmaster for the Conceptual Structures Organization web site, and for the SIG-KM group associated with the ASIS&T organization.

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Personal Interests

Heather is a bassoon player for the New Horizons Band, New Horizons Symphony and Mesilla Valley Concert Band. She also enjoys the theatre (sometimes doing lighting and sound) for a local theatre Black Box. She is married to Joseph , and they have two children (Joel and Becca).