Assistive Technology Research

Project 1: Mathematics Accessible to Visually Impaired Students (MAVIS)

This projects deals with making mathematics, science, and technology accessible to blind students. A translator is being developed from Nemeth Math Braille notation (the Braille based notation for marking up Mathematics for the blind) to Latex. The Nemeth Math Braille notation was designed in 1951, and is quite complex. Use of denotational semantics-based techniques as well as logic programming has allowed us to develop a translator to Latex, a task that is extremely hard using traditional compiling technology. An equation editor for blind users is also being developed (that work is headed by Art Karshmer). The project is funded by NSF.


Project 2: Making WEB Accessible to the Visually Handicapped

Tools are being developed to enable visually impaired users to navigate the WEB more effectively. In particular, techniques are being developed for effective navigation of web-pages with tables, frames, and forms. Other Participants: A. Karshmer, E. Pontelli, D. Gillan (Psych.). The project is funded by NSF.