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Submitted Papers

  1. E. Pontelli. "Constraint Logic Programming Tools for Internet Programming", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering.
  2. E. Pontelli. "Backtracking in And-parallel Implementations of Logic Programming", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
  3. E. Pontelli, D. Ranjan, G. Gupta. "On the Complexity of Or-parallel Implementations of Logic Programming", New Generation Computing.
  4. D. Ranjan, E. Pontelli, G. Gupta. "Complexity of the Temporal Precedence Problem", Algorithmica.
  5. D. Ranjan, E. Pontelli, G. Gupta. "Efficient Algorithms for the Insert-Precedes Problem", Information Processing Letters.
  6. D. Ranjan, E. Pontelli, G. Gupta. "Efficient Data Structures for Order-Sensitive Executions", Acta Informatica.
  7. E. Pontelli. "Web Pages are Logical", WebNet'98, AACE.


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