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  • "An Efficient Concurrent Logic-based Framework for Symbolic and Internet Computing", US-Spain Joint Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, Fullbright, 1998 (Co-PI).
  • "Web-KLIC: A Concurrent Language for Internet Programming", Japanese Institute for Advanced Information Technology, 1997 (PI).
  • "Web-KLIC: A Concurrent Logic Language for Internet Programming", Japanese Institute for Advanced Information Technology, 1998 (PI)
  • "Parallel Constraint Logic Programming on Multiprocessor PCs", CISE Equipment Infrastructure, NSF, 1998 (Co-PI: with G. Gupta, D. Ranjan, J. Wiebe).
  • "Internationalization Supplement Grant", New Mexico State University, 1998 (PI).
  • "Internationalization Grant for Collaborations with Mexico", New Mexico State University, 1998 (Co-PI).
  • Research Minigrant, New Mexico State University, Fall 1998 (PI).
  • "Management of Dynamic and Irregular Parallelism in Symbolic and Scientific Computing", Minority Institution Infrastructure Program, NSF, 1998 (Co-PI).
  • "NSF-CNpQ: Implementation and Compilation of High-performance Scalable Parallel Constraint Programming Systems", National Science Foundation, 1999. (Co-PI with G. Gupta).
  • "International Collaboration: Implementation of Scalable Constraint Systems", National Science Foundation, 1999 (Co-PI: with G. Gupta).
  • "Non-Visual Browsing of the World-Wide Web: Tables, Frames, and Forms", National Science Foundationa, 1999 (PI: with A. Karshmer and G. Gupta).
  • "Parallel and Distributed Constraint Programming", CAREER Program, National Science Foundation, 1998.
  • "Parallel and Distributed Execution of Constraint Programming with Applications to Planning and Web Accessibility", National Science Foundation, 2001 (PI; with D. Ranjan, T. Son, K. Villaverde)
  • "A Tool to Enhance Communication between Sighted and Blind Mathematicians", Dept. of Education, 2001 (Co-PI; with A. Karshmer, G. Gupta, K. Misienberger)
  • "Data Structures for Advanced Programming Languages", NSF, 1999, (CO-PI: with D. Ranjan and G. Gupta)
  • "A Logic Programming Filter for Bioinformatics Applications", NBIF, 2000/01, (PI; with B. Milligan, D. Ranjan, G. Gupta)

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    Fri Jun 2, 1998