CS 272 Section 1 is offered Tue/Thu, 11:45-1:00, in SH115. The final examination will take place on Tuesday  December  7th, at 10:30pm (the organization of the exam will be determined at a later time). The lab sessions will take place each Tuesday and Thursday 2:35-4:25 in SH 118.

Curricular function

CS272 is a fundamental course for any undergraduate student in computer science. Its prerequisites include CS 171 (Algorithmic Computation). Math/CS 278 is a co-requisite for the course. Knowledge of the basic concepts of programming and of the Java programming language is assumed in this course. Any students who do not meet these requirements are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor.

Educational function

The goal of CS 272 is to provide students with a good knowledge of the different methodologies available for organizing data for automatic processing. Data structures are the fundamental tools for software organization and development and are indespensable tool for any programmer and computer scientist. The final goal of this course is to become proficient in

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