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Grades are computed on the standard ten point scale:

A-  90.0% - 93.499...%  A 93.5% - 99.999...%  A+ 100% - ....%
B-  80.0% - 83.499...%  83.5% - 86.499...%  B+  86.5% - 89.999...% 
C-  70.0% - 73.499...%  73.5% - 76.499...%  C+  76.5% - 79.999...% 
D-  60.0% - 63.499...%  63.5% - 66.499...%  D+  66.5% - 69.999...% 
. . 0% - 59.999...%  . .
based on these criteria: with the following understandings for each criterion.


The course has two types of exams. The final examination will cover the whole course. One week before the final examin, you will be able to view a web page containing some information regarding the examination material (typically a sample set of questions). A failing grade will be assigned (no matter what your average is) if you miss the final exam. During the semester we will have one midterm exam (in class, closed book). During the semester we will also have in-class quizzes. Each quiz will contain some questions related to the material covered since the preceding quiz. The quizzes are closed-book and closed-notes. Students who miss more than 5 quizzes during the semester will receive a failing grade.


You will be expected to  deliver  your homeworks in class to the instructor. Homework must be typed (except for diagrams). Whenever your homework requires programming,  you are expected to produce a running program (on a computer) and submit a print-out of the code together with adequate documentation. Hand-written programs or programs that clearly have not been tried on a computer will earn you zero points. All the homeworks have to be submitted also electronically (using the HW SUBMISSION link in the Course Web page). In addition, all homeworks have to be submitted in Hard-copy to the instructor of the class.
Homework assignments are typically due one week from the date when they are assigned, by the end of class. There is a menu pointing to all existing homework assignments. There is a general calendar and set of deadlines that describe when each homework assignment is given and received. The late policy will apply.  All the homeworks, unless explicitly indicated, are INDIVIDUAL.  You are free to discuss general issues with other students, but you are required to come up with your own solutions and implement them without any external aid. The lab time is often dedicated to solving the assigned homeworks; the instructor and the TA will be available at the time to help you in this process. Thus, attendance and participation in the lab is strongly encouraged. Lack of participation in the labs combined to poor homework performance will be treated very negatively in determining your final grade.


Attendance in the class is not compulsory but it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Attendance in the lab activities is recommended but not compulsory.

Extra-credit and Participation

Sometimes during the semester some extra-credit work might be made available to the students. You are encouraged to work on this extra-credit if The impact of the extra-credit work on the final grade will be determined only after the end of classes and will be based on the overall class performance. The extra-credit work will have an impact ranging between 2% and 5%  (to be decided at the discretion of the instructor at the end of the course).


Late Work Policy

You have plenty of notice with your assignments, so last minute glitches and minor illnesses are not acceptable excuses. You should anticipate computer troubles. Things like erasing your files, losing your disk, inability to get a machine, having all machines unavailable due to power outages, and so on, should be considered normal events -- just like a roommate who talks too much. If you must hand in work late, but not to your instructor directly, please get a faculty or staff member to date and sign the work. Homework and programming projects will be accepted late for these penalties (but your grade can never be less than zero):
one day late 
subtract 10% of maximum grade 
two days late 
subtract 20% of maximum grade 
three days late 
subtract 40% of maximum grade 
four days late
subtract 60% of maximum grade 
five or more days late subtract 100% of maximum grade

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