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Consortium Coordinators:

About the ICLP Doctoral Consortium:

The ICLP Doctoral Consortium is held the during the regular activities of the ICLP 2007 Conference. The aims of the ICLP Doctoral Consortium are:

The Consortium is designed for students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program, though we are also open to exceptions (e.g., students currently in a Masters program and interested in doctoral studies). The Consortium is for students at any stage of their doctoral studies are welcome to apply. Applicants are expected to be conducting research in the field of Logic or Constraint Logic Programming; topics of interest include (but are not limited to) work on

The Consortium allows participants to interact with established researchers and with other students, through presentations, question-answer sessions, panel discussions, and invited presentations. The Doctoral Consortium will provide the possibility to reflect - through short activities, information sessions, and discussions - on the process and lessons of research and life in academia. Each participant will give a short, critiqued, research presentation.

The ICLP Doctoral Consortium will be held on a date to be determined, in parallel with the regular activities of the ICLP 2007 conference; the ICLP conference will run from September 8th to September 13th, 2007. ICLP Doctoral Consortium participants will be offered the opportunity to have their abstracts published in the ICLP 2007 conference proceedings. The Association for Logic Programming (ALP) will provide some scholarships to help the students accepted in the Doctoral Consortum.


Several renown faculty members and researchers in the field of Logic Programming will join in evaluating the submission packets and will participate in the ICLP Doctoral Consortium, providing feedback to the presenters. The list of the discussants will be published at a later date.