ICLP Doctoral Consortium

Participants: (TBA)




Title of Research

Martin Brain
University of Bath
Declarative Problem Solving using Answer Set Programming
Anderson Faustino da Silva
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
The Design and Implementation of the YAP Compiler: an Optimizing Compiler for Logic Programming Languages
Gergerly Lukacsy
Budapest Institute of Technology
Description Logic Reasoning in Prolog
Quan Phan
Catholic University Leuven
Static Memory Management for Logic Programming Languages
Tu Huy Phan
New Mexico State University
Efficient Reasoning about Action and Change in the Presence of Incomplete Information and its Application in Planning
Tiago Soares
University of Porto
Deductive Databases: Implementation, Parallelism, and Application
Ka-Shu Wong
National ICT Australia
Deducing Logic Programs