Clan RBW

Who are the Red Bearded Wonders?

What games do they play?

This is mainly a Starcraft clan but we do play some other games regularly: What is the clan history?

The clan was begun late in the year 2000 when Sunthief said, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we started a group. We could be the Red Bearded Wonders..." or something like that. And so Clan RBW was born. Our prowess has struck fear in the hearts of players. We've inspired others to attempt to join the clan. We've taken all comers. Do you want a piece of red beard? Come get some.

How do I join?

Do you have a red beard and want to play some of these games with us? We are always open to new members - if you're good. Send us an email or come find us online.

What if I want to join but don't have a red beard?

We've debated this extensively and come up with a couple of solutions.
  1. Get a red marker and draw a beard on your face, then send us the picture
  2. Join the Pseudo-Red Bearded Wonders
Is this all just a big joke?

No. We really do play. If you're in the area, stop by on a Saturday evening and stay till the sun comes up. We play with Seek Geek and we're ready to whoop your wildBTK.


Last updated: 1/22/04