What is Your Flan Quotient? The Flanatic Quiz

Yes, it's finally here!

Test Your Flan Quotient (F.Q.) by answering the following questions.  Your F.Q. will soon be required for many life events, such as  admission into college, to purchase a firearm, and to get married.  So, why not get it out of the way with flan.org's accredited* F.Q. quiz. 

You might even get points for creativity.. well, maybe not.  Either way, hold on, it's quite the ride (the quiz, that is) and packed full of 25 wacky questions for you!

1. Ok, let's get this question out of the way. Flan is...
Naturally produced by your nose (especially when you have a cold)
Who cares? (If this is your answer, you might as well just quit this quiz right now - it only gets worse from here)
The nectar of the gods, otherwise known as a delicious custardy dessert
A horrible addiction, and I do not appreciate the fact that you take it so lightly it on this website!!

2. I eat my flan
in the bathtub
hiding in a closet, all alone (that way you don't have to share!!)
People actually eat that stuff?? Ewwwwwwwwww!!
Anytime, anywhere baby! (It's especially good while reading flan.org)

3. I eat my flan with
a knife and fork (proper etiquette at all times)
a straw
my bare hands

4. My favorite flan celebrity is
Adam Duritz of Counting Crows (he's a flan celebrity because the flanstress has a huge crush on him, and Senor Flan saw him at Flanstock)
Olivia Newton Flan
Flanni, the greatest new age singer ever!!

5. The best time of day to eat flan is
at the crack of flan, to start the day off right (quite the tasty morning treat you know, almost like Wheaties (TM) although there's no sports superstars on the flan box, hmmmm...)
for a quick pick me up before the big meeting at work.. with flan on your side, the boss will love your dumb ideas!
I could never pick just one time!!

6. The least appealing flan dish is (and yes you can find the recipes on flan.org)
Blue Brie Broccoli Flan
Halloween Pumpkin Flan
Goat Cheese Green Onion Flan
They all sound yummy (ok, we know you're lying, quit trying to suck up - it's not buying you any points!!)

7. When I eat flan, I feel
really, I can't describe the heavenly feeling in words
well, after I regain consciousness and the swelling goes down, I feel great!

8. Flan.org should branch out into flan
romance novels
perfume and cologne, the world would be a happier place if more people smelled like flan
rap songs

9. The best flan book ever was
Flan With the Wind
Flan and Peace
Moby Flan
Reading, what's that?

10. Senor Flan's next adventure should be
an alien abduction
bravely facing the scary reality of French food
fighting for skateboarders' rights (skatboarding is not a crime you know)
I know something better, and I promise to email it to the flanstress

11. If I knew Senor Flan, I would
beat him up, I can't stand the guy, always whining about things (besides what kind of guy keeps a diary??)
take him to Taco Bell (TM) for a stuffed burrito (ok, so the flanstress was kind of hungry while she's writing this quiz)
sell him to the circus, what a freak!! (how many people know guys made of flan? People would pay good money to see that)
try to set him up with a new girlfriend since Flanita broke his heart (I just want the guy to be happy)

12. If my friend came to me with a flan dilemma, I would
consult Flanita right away, she's the expert you know
charge them for the advice (payable in flan)
laugh at them
find a flan support group near us, maybe someone else has gone through the same problem

13. I had my first flan experience when I was
a gentleman/lady never tells!!
too young to appreciate it, but thankfully now I have learned to
I'm saving myself for that magical day
under parental supervision (please kids, don't try this at home by yourself)

14. I feel free to talk about flan with my friends
absolutely never!! I'd be the laughing stock of our sewing circle!
always! We even created the flan sitters club to watch people's flan when they have to go out
once in a while, only when we completely ran out of every other possible subject
they don't know what flan is, and I'm afraid to bring it up

15. My favorite flan game is
flan scotch (not the liquor, but where you hop around from flan square to flan square)
flan twister (gives new meaning to right hand yellow)
flan dodge ball (I think you're coming up with a good mental picture right now...)
the games at flan.org's fun page!!

16. I think that ______ would play Senor Flan if they made a movie about his life
Richard Gere
Ben Affleck
Al Pacino
Any of the guys from N Sync

17. Flan shots are
a good idea in theory
a good idea in reality
required every so often from your doctor
disturbing on so many levels

18. The field of flanology is
seriously lacking in research - I want to know exactly what makes it taste so good!!
way over my head
best left to the experts, I don't try to mess with things I don't understand
my college major!

19. Should Senor Flan should be the Most Eligible Flan again this year?
Heck No!!
Only if he's got lots of money to bribe the judges with (he's not winning on pure looks and talent, that's for sure)
Who is Senor Flan?
Yes, definitely now that he's single again

20. All these questions about Senor Flan
are driving me nuts!! I'm sick of this guy!!
are too intellectual for some people
make you want to kill yourself just to ease the pain
are too moronic for normal people

21. The reason that flan is so under-represented in the world is that
it's nasty, take the hint, people!!
it's on the endangered species list
you can't deep fry it (sorry Americans, it's true - we love our fried foods)
most people are too low class to truly appreciate this delicacy

22. A really good pick-up line is
Hey baby, want some flan?
Hey baby, want a pez?
nothing with "Hey baby" at the beginning
a terrible thing to waste

23. Good jokes involve
flan crossing the road
pirates eating flan
pirates eating flan while crossing the road

24. When I get off the computer, I'm going to
tell everyone I know about flan.org
go make some flan and send in my pictures to flan.org
write down my F.Q. to have it handy for the aforementioned life events

25. Flan.org's website is
a little too wacky for me
way cool. The flanstress is my hero!!
beyond comprehension... how do you have this much spare time??
a waste of time. I'm sorry I wasted all my time on this neverending quiz

* Flan.org partook in the unique opportunity to accredit itself.  Who cares what anyone else thinks?? We know we're good.