The Damon Cool-o-Meter Quiz

1. The Tick is
that thing behind my dog's ear
closely related to The Dung Beetle
a delicacy eaten in the Midwest

2. Poor Old Lu refers to
something to do with the Chronicles of Narnia
a band
a bunch of guys that live on opposite sides of the country
all of the above

3. Your gender is
There are more than two genders
You shouldn't discriminate based on sex

4. You like a man that has _________ hair

5. Complete this phrase: Damon the _________

6. Your least favorite vegetable is
lima beans
creamed corn
boiled carrots
You hate them all

7. The band Luxury
sucks hardcore
is the band Damon plays guitar in
recently came out with their third album
All of the above

8. You have (or plan to soon have) given Damon
all of your money so that you can be a SexyDog
jack. Damon is a loser
a knuckle sandwich. That guy's a jerk
accolades for the fine work he does

9. The last book you read for fun was
People read books for fun?
a science fiction or fantasy novel
Moby Dick
ten pages long and had lots of pictures

10. You like to discuss
clothes and rap music
french food and alien phenomena
the underlying motivations of pop culture
All of the above plus whatever else

11. You like to go to
dance clubs
Taco Bell and the dollar movie
places that are elegant

12. Playing card games is
lots of fun
kind of like a root canal but more painful
something you do when you're bored
something your mom makes you do

13. Coffee is
part of a well-balanced breakfast
something you need to get up in the morning
something you drink with your friends

14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is
really hot
a stupid name for a show or movie
something you've never heard of
based on some intriguing ideas

15. Your favorite game to play on a LAN is
an RPG
an RTS
an FPS
You've never heard of any of these acronyms before

16. On a warm summer evening you like to
watch television
go for a stroll
take a nap
read a book

17. The Power Puff Girls are
mean because they mock the Power Rangers with their very existence
girls with distinct and expressive personalities and strengths
unknown to you

18. The Traveling Salesman Problem is
some computer problem
when a salesman leaves his wallet at home
often solved by some good Pepto
something you don't even want to know about

19. Your favorite games are on which system?

20. Movies like The Stupids or Ernest Goes to Camp
make you laugh a lot
are too intellectual for some people
make you want to kill yourself just to ease the pain
are too moronic for normal people

21. The best video games are games like
Tetris and Dr. Mario
Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger
NBA Jam and Madden Football
Soul Caliber and Tekken

22. A really good pick-up line is
Hey baby, want to come over and clean my bathroom?
Hey baby, want a pez?
nothing with "Hey baby" at the beginning
a terrible thing to waste

23. Good jokes involve
references to minorities or religious groups
funny accents
the word "buffoonery"
All of the above plus whatever else

24. Ninjas
are a frightening people
are all around us
make me laugh
get too much hype

25. Damon's website is
disorganized and in desperate need of a woman's touch
way cool. You wish you were as cool as Damon
kind of lame. He should try putting up some useful stuff
a waste of time. You're sorry you're here


Last updated: 2/20/01