A Partial List of Songs From Not In Mexico

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The beauty of Not In Mexico was in the special guests. Guests brought with them a unique style that made each show totally new. Not only were the discussions totally different each time, but so was the music. Each guest was asked to bring some of their own music to the show. This created a blend of different styles. Of course, Damon always had some music of his own to play (which gave some consistency to the shows) but the rich diversity is what made it really special.

With that said, there is no record of any of the music brought in by special guests. However, each week (at least for the second semester of the show) Damon made a CD of songs to play. Not all of the songs were played the night they were made for. Songs were played from any CD that had already been created, as well as from various other CDs that were brought in. However, the following list should give you some idea of the music that was heard for half of each show.

Themes (Openings)
  • Cheers
  • The Tick
  • Knight Rider
  • Recess
  • Angel
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Dark Angel
  • Simpsons
  • Iron Chef
  • Iron Chef Judging
  • Iron Chefs Rise (used as part of the intro)
  • Circle of Dust "Mesmerized"
  • The Way Sect Bloom "Frustrate"
  • Klank "Disease"
  • Estis P@rc "Weak Sugar"
  • Morella's Forest "Voices Carry"
  • Fleming & John "Suppressed Emotions"
  • Rose Blossom Punch "Sweet and Ordinary"
  • Poor Old Lu "Chance for the Chancers"
  • Luxury "Stories Above the Sea"
  • Painted By Moses "Waiting for the Thaw"
  • The Juliana Theory "Constellation"
  • The Juliana Theory "Speechless"
  • Phil Keaggy "The Further Adventures Of..."
  • Weird Al Yankovic "It's All About the Pentiums"
  • Poor Old Lu "Sickly"
  • Rose Blossom Punch "Sleepily"
  • Sixpence None the Richer "Sister, Mother"
  • Fleming & John "6,570"
  • Estis P@rc "Numb"
  • Morella's Forest "Puppy Luv"
  • Mineral "MD"
  • Stavesacre "Wither/Ascend"
  • Stavesacre "Wither (reprise)"
  • Puller "Lobbyest"
  • Painted By Moses "Slide"
  • Luxury "Vanity"
  • POD "Hollywood"
  • Circle of Dust "Yurasuka"
  • Klank "Burning"
  • Stavesacre "Gold and Silver (rerecorded)"
  • The Prayer Chain "Fifty-Eight"
  • Circle of Dust "Perelandra"
  • Sometime Sunday "435"
  • Sometime Sunday "Sleep"
  • Sometime Sunday "Home"
  • POD "Know Me"
  • Project 86 "Stalemate"
  • Tourniquet "The Skeezix Dilemma"
  • Wish For Eden "Blood"
  • Rob Walker "Scared Little Man"
  • The Way Sect Bloom "Illumina (Defenseless)"
  • The Way Sect Bloom "Washed"
  • Chatterbox "Torque"
  • Circle of Dust "Blindeye"
  • Klank "Downside"
  • The Dell Griffiths "Funky Chick"
  • Denison Marrs "The New Droan (Light Years Away)"
  • Aaron Sprinkle "All That's Left of Me"
  • Fringe "Have You Seen Her Lately"
  • Dime Store Prophets "Hitler's Girlfriend"
  • Beki Hemingway "Make a Wish"
  • Jennifer Daniels "He Dances"
  • Detritus "Blindly Rejected"
  • Detritus "So Far Away"
  • Focused "My Blood"
  • Headmint "Madagascar"
  • lackthereof "Modern Christianity"
  • Luxury "Solid Gold"
  • Mineral "SoundsLikeSunday"
  • Paloma "Follow the Noise"
  • The Echoing Green "Ocean Chorus"
  • Headmint "Le Monde Au Balcon"
  • Poor Old Lu "Army Guy"
  • Starflyer 59 "The Dungeon"
  • Leaderdogs for the Blind "Ripple"
  • Project 86 "Pipe Dream"
  • Mineral "Palisade"
  • Newsboys "Elle G."
  • Vigilantes of Love "Resplendent"
  • Yonderboy "Another Day"
  • Dime Store Prophets "Resevoir of Soul"
  • Viva Voce "To Dream What May Be"
  • The Swirling Eddies "Art Carney's Dream"
  • 238 "Kevin"
  • The Swirling Eddies "Snowball"
  • Viva Voce "Fear of Flying"
  • Sixpence None the Richer "Love"
  • Sarah Masen "Tuesday"
  • Fleming & John "Sadder Day"
  • Chasing Furies "Whisper Softly"
  • Believer "Dimentia"
  • Leaderdogs for the Blind "Better Ways"
  • Tourniquet "My Promise"
  • Starflyer 59 "Stop Wasting Your Life/Messed Up and Down"
  • Stavesacre "Rivers Underneath"
  • Stavesacre "Gold and Silver"
  • Aaron Sprinkle "So Discreet"
  • Poor Old Lu "Receive"
  • Rose Blossom Punch "Ensign"
  • Puller "Am I Samaritan"
  • Aaron Sprinkle "In the Meantime"
  • Joe Christmas "Scrabble Girl"
  • Aaron Sprinkle "Motor Cars"
  • Sarah Masen "Fly Baby"
  • Sarah Masen "Stories In My Pockets"
  • Iona "Songs of Ascent (Part I)"
  • Jennifer Daniels "(Intro)"
  • Believer "Trilogy of Knowledge - Intro - The Birth"
  • Joe Christmas "Reprise"
  • Boy Eats Drum Machine "You're Supposed to Love (Forever)"
  • Joy Electric "Transylvania"
  • Joy Electric "The White Songbook"
  • Aleixa "Spark"
  • Crashdog "Sept. 1994"
  • Bon Voyage "You're Wonderful"
  • Sixpence None the Richer "Sad But True"
  • Hoi Polloi "Pity Baby"
  • Jennifer Daniels "Hide Hide Hide"
  • Driver Eight "Superglue"
  • Joe Christmas "The Blue Rider"
  • The Prayer Chain "Psycho Flange"
  • Starflyer 59 "E.P. Nights"
  • Menoma "Nebali"
  • Claire's Audience "Safe Night Driving"
  • Project 86 "Star (*)"
  • Pedro the Lion "Criticism As Inspiration"
  • Chasing Furies "Fair Night's Longing"
  • Morella's Forest "Kids In America"
  • Poor Old Lu "For the Love of My Country"
  • Sarah Masen "Kissing Tree"
  • Luxury "Robed In Light"
  • Jennifer Daniels "Ohio"
  • Viva Voce "Free (Like I Was Meant to Be)"
  • Luxury "Euphrates With the Golden Hands"
  • Sarah Masen "Breath"
  • Aleixa "Unloved"
  • Boy Eats Drum Machine "Indie Rock Killer"
  • Damien Jurado "Waters Ave S."
  • Paloma "The Gospel Song"
  • Project 86 "Chimes"
  • The Juliana Theory "If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?"
  • The Swirling Eddies "Some Friendly Advice"
  • Luxury "From the Lion Within"
  • Poor Old Lu "What Child Is This?"
  • Ace Troubleshooter "Have It All"
  • Aaron Sprinkle "The Boy Who Stopped the World"
  • The Juliana Theory "Liability"
  • Viva Voce "Shining In My Shoes"
  • Sixpence None the Richer "Easy to Ignore"
  • Weird Al Yankovic "Albuquerque"
  • Remember August "Smile, You're Still You"
  • Painted By Moses "In My Hands"
  • lackthereof "Assistance is Requested"
  • Degarmo & Key "Diving Embrace"
  • Dime Store Prophets "Baby's Got a New Dress"
  • Joe Christmas "Econo"
  • Luxury "Goody Two Shoes"
  • Aleixa "Ultradramatic"
  • Michael Anderson "The Post Moderne Soul Antenna"
  • Viva Voce "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
  • Fleming & John "Carol of the Bells"
  • Aaron Sprinkle "Really Something"
  • The Juliana Theory "Piano Song"
  • Beki Hemingway "FT Bragg"
  • Joe Christmas "Coupleskate"
  • Superchrome U.K. "Going Down"
  • Poor Old Lu "Bittersweet"
  • Mineral "Slower"
  • Leaderdogs for the Blind "Lemonade"
  • Sometime Sunday "Eye"
  • POD "Full Color"
  • Klank "Animosity (Life After Death Mix)"
  • Stavesacre "Stars & Clouds"
  • Chasing Furies "Oh Come Emmanuel"
  • Aleixa "Black + Blue"
  • Detritus "Sailor's Farewell"
  • Starflyer 59 "Indiana"
  • Dakoda Motor Co. "Uglier"
  • Poor Old Lu "Cannon-Fire Orange"
  • Beki Hemingway "Sinsick"
  • Fleming & John "Ugly Girl"
  • Dime Store Prophets "Soothsayer Speaks"
  • lackthereof "Embers"
  • Lance Alton Hemingway "Evangeline"
  • Mineral "If I Could"
  • Remember August "No Mistakes"
  • Joe Christmas "Goodbye"
  • Jesse Sprinkle "Gleaming Dim"
  • Iona "Woven Cord"
11/29/01 - Instrumental
  • Jesse Sprinkle "For Fear of His Splendor"
  • Poor Old Lu "Tigger's Daily Jog (Un-Rated)"
  • Sixpence None the Richer "Thoughts of You"
  • Jesse Sprinkle "Mindfull Utterances (A Beautiful Death In Fall)"
  • Tourniquet "K517"
  • Stavesacre "Minus"
  • Michael W. Smith "Ashton"
  • Imagine This "Nylontro"
  • Headmint "Number 6"
  • Jesse Sprinkle "Thoughtless (Before & After)"
  • Headmint "Mariachi Drive-By"
  • Headmint "Songs For Corporations"
  • The Prayer Chain "Mercury"
  • The Echoing Green "Ambler"
  • Joe Christmas "Haunted Mystery"
  • Sarah Masen "Unveiled Faces"
  • Starflyer 59 "Le Vainqueur"
  • Starflyer 59 "You're Mean"
  • Sometime Sunday "She"
  • Estis P@rc "Drive"
  • Morella's Forest "Curl"
  • Morella's Forest "Wonder Boy"
  • Kmax "Return of the Singer"
  • Seven Day Jesus "O Holy Night"
  • Starflyer 59 "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
  • Jars of Clay "Little Drummer Boy"
  • The Dingees "We Three Kings"
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