Links : Everyone Else Has Them, So Why Not?

Find Your Big Blue Destiny

The Ultimate Tick Fansite - Truly a page worth reckoning with
The Evil Eye Cafe - Everything you could ask for in a fansite
New England Comics - Order the comics online from the publishers

Funny Stuff

The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Tarzan's Tripes Forever - A great site for Shaggy Dog stories (my own humble contribution)
Homestar Runner - Some fun little flash cartoons
Lark News - A good source for Christian news - An interesting site with some interesting experiments
Dave Barry - It's only cool if you link to his blog

Cool bands/musicians - Their official websites

Aaron Sprinkle
Ace Troubleshooter
Annie Quick
Beki Hemingway
Bill Mallonee
Fleming and John
Further Seems Forever
Jennifer Daniels
Joy Electric
Naked Raven
Over the Rhine
Painted By Moses
Poor Old Lu
Project 86
Sarah Masen
Sixpence None the Richer
Slow Coming Day
Tess Wiley
The Juliana Theory
The World Inside
Vienna Teng
Viva Voce

Some decent authors (with decent websites)

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - Authors of the Liaden Universe books
Tad Williams - This is the site of the Shadowmarch story. He's also the author of the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series
Anne McCaffrey - No list is complete without the author of the Pern books
Lois Bujold McMaster - Writer of the Vorkosigan stories
Orson Scott Card - Author of everyone's favorite book Ender's Game
Elizabeth Moon - Wrote the "must-read" series The Deed of Paksenarrion
Dave Duncan - I was intrigued by the A Man of His Word books
J.V. Jones - Author of The Book of Words series
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald - Authors of the Mageworlds books

Fighting/Marial Arts

Real Ultimate Power - The Official Ninja Homepage
Stick Figure Death Theatre - Fighting made simple

Miscellaneous stuff

Random Websites - I came up with this idea independently, but far too late
Hospitality Club - Host travelers, Stay with others when you travel
Paste Music - Find some unknown (but good) musicians
Iron Chef - The unofficial site
Videogame Music Archive - All the video game midi files you can stand
The NPA - The National Phaser Association
X-title Timelines - More than you ever wanted to know about the X-Men
Flower Names - You always did want to know what that bouquet meant
SLFCU - the bank I use - Get a web counter thingee
The Bible Gateway - A surprisingly good bible reference
TV Tome - The place to find out about any tv show you've ever cared about
LCHS Alumni - La Cueva High School Alumni Unite
OverLawyered - Learn about how the law is getting abused in the USA
Amnesi - The Domain Name Search Engine
AnyWho - Internet Directory Assistance

Links I Use From Louisville, CO

City Website
Movie Theater

Links I Use From Champaign

Edan Concerts
Chicago CCM Concerts
Opening Bands
The Virginia Theatre
Uncommon Ground
The Highdive
Cowboy Monkey
Krannert Center
Illini Union
Urbana Business
Champaign Park District

Watch the world through the web
World Map of Live Webcams
SOS Camera Watch
Siebel Center webcam

Good pages from good people - Some claim this is really a family motto - A humorous and informative site dedicated to flan
ORCHID Research in Human-Computer Interaction
The Next Level - A webcomic the likes of which you've never seen before
Jen Bush - Artistry unrestrained by medium
Chris Brown - Some say he looks angry even when he smiles
Mike Swinger - This guy is way too into the movie "White Men Can't Jump"
Tanya Crenshaw - The Wayfaring Stranger
Matt Belcher - Coder of Dubious Report
Tony Chang - Are You Pondering What [he's] Pondering?
Kirsten Wylie - Need an actress?
Anodyne - Sister of a friend of...
Adam Bradley - Radio DJ, online even
Misha Brukman - Taker of many pictures
Steve Polasik - Materials Science at its finest - Now these are some seriously sexy dogs
Gastric Detonation - Don't let it happen to you


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