Elegance is Frightening

What is the purpose of the "Elegance is Frightening" website?

We have started this site as a way to let others know that they're not alone in their fear of elegance.  Our culture spotlights elegant people all the time, yet it neglects to show the real fear that these people impose upon us every day.

Just why, you ask, is elegance so frightening?

I'm not exactly sure.  However, once you experience that rush of fear, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Once I unexpectedly found myself in an elegant place.  It was so traumatizing that to this day I still shiver with fear at the thought of this place.

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Top 10 Signs That a Place is Elegant (and therefore frightening)

10.  There are doilies involved.

 9.  There are fat women with large flowered hats.

8.  There is tea involved.

7.  When no one is familiar with any of the Chris Farley/ David Spade movies.

6.  When there is a "dress code" (official or unofficial).

5.  When your food comes in different courses.

4.  When lunch costs more than a pair of shoes.

3.  Did I mention doilies?

2. When you have to make reservations to drink tea for hours.

1.  When you are scared to go back inside for even a second.

Free Mr. Fork.

Eat your vegetables.