Topical Bible Studies:

The basic idea of this kind of bible study is to take a topic and look through the bible to see what it has to say about it. Often the bible study leader will have compiled a list of references beforehand that the participants will read through and discuss. Other times the participants are asked to bring resources (such as a concordance) with them to the study and the passages are discovered by the participants themselves. For a more structured study of this type, the leader might bring in an outline.

This type of bible study is geared toward one who wants to learn more about a specific topic. This is a good style to use if a group is trying to focus on a specific concept. An example for a four week bible study could be a focus of prayer. The group could do a study on fasting one week, prayers that were recorded in the bible another week, instructions on how to pray another week, and instructions on what to pray for the last week.

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