Accepted Papers

Paper Title Paper Authors
VERITAS: On the Verification of Temporal Knowledge-based Systems J. Santos, C. Ramos, Z. Vale, A. Marques
GNU Prolog: beyond compiling Prolog to C D. Diaz, P. Codognet
Labeling and Partial Local Consistency for Soft Constraint Programming S. Bistarelli, P. Codognet, Y. Georget, F. Rossi
A Toolkit for Constraint-based Inference Engines T.Y. Chew, M. Henz and K.B. Ng
Implementation of a Linear Tabling Mechanism N.F. Zhou, Y.D. Shen, L.Y. Yuan, J.H. You
A Logic Programming Approach to Supporting Entry of XML Documents into Object-Oriented Database C.L. Yeh
A Hybrid Approach for Solving Large Scale Crew Scheduling Problems T. Yunes, A. Moura, C de Souza
Heap Garbage Collection in XSB: Practice and Experience B. Demoen and K. Sagonas
Metalevel Constraint Solving in CLIP T.J. Hickey
Programming Deep Concurrent Constraint Combinators C. Schulte
How to Incorporate Negation in a Prolog Compiler J. Moreno-Navarro, S. Munoz-Hernandez
Transformation-by-example for XML S. Krishnamurthi, K. Gray, P. Graunke
Using Static Analysis to Compile non-Sequential Functional Logic Programs J. Marino and J. Moreno-Navarro
Out-of-core Functional Programming with Type-based Primitive T.R Chuang, S.C. Mu
A Functional Logic Programming Approach to Graphical User Interfaces M. Hanus
Calculating a New Data Mining Algorithm for Market Basket Analysis Z. Hu, W-N. Chin, M. Takeichi
A Logic-based Information System S. Abreu
HIPPO - a Declarative Graphical Modelling System C.J. Hinde, R.J. Reader, K. Phelps
First Class Patterns M. Tullsen
Modeling HTML in Haskell P. Thiemann
Knowledgesheet: a Graphical Spreadsheet Interface for Interactively Developing Constraint Programs G. Gupta and S. Akhter
Parallel Functional Reactive Programming J. Peterson and V. Trifonov