Topics of Interest

The discussion will be focused on both design, implementation, and optimization of logic and constraint programming systems. Preference will be given to the analysis and description of implemented systems (or currently under implementation) and their associated techniques, problems found in their development or design, and steps taken towards the solution of these problems.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • standard and non-standard sequential implementation schemes (e.g., generalization/modification of WAM, translation to C, etc.);
  • compile-time analysis;
  • memory management and garbage collection issues;
  • balance between compile-time effort and run-time machinery;
  • implementation of parallel and concurrent logic and constraint programming systems;
  • techniques for the implementation of different declarative programming paradigms with basis on, or extending, logic and constraint programming, such as non-monotonic reasoning systems;
  • performance evaluation of logic and constraint programming systems
  • software design aspects of LP/CP systems: components, patterns, etc.
  • design and implementation of programming environments
  • experiences from using systems in real-life applications

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