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COMPULOG Americas homepage

COMPULOG Americas aims to serve as a forum where users, researchers and developers of logic programming (LP) systems and techniques can come together for common good.
The organization aims to:

COMPULOG Americas is modeled after COMPULOG-Europe from which it draws much of its inspiration, and is a follow-up to Ken Bowen's NALP initiative. The activities of COMPULOG Americas will be organized within several sub-areas. Each sub-area has an area-coordinator.

The chief coordinators of COMPULOG Americas are Gopal Gupta (gupta@cs.nmsu.edu) and I.V. Ramakrishnan (ram@cs.sunysb.edu). An advisory board, along with the various area-coordinators, helps in governing and in deciding policy issues.
The advisory board consists of:

COMPULOG Americas will publish an annual newsletter.

We urge you to join COMPULOG Americas and participate in its activities.

Last Modified: 10/7/97