Enrico Pontelli
Regents Professor and Interim Associate Dean
Ph.D., New Mexico State University (1997)

Office: SH 163
Phone: (575) 646-6239



Enrico received a Laurea in Computer Science in 1991 from University of Udine, a Master in Computer Science in 1992 from University of Houston, and a PhD in Computer Science in 1997 from New Mexico State University.

  • Logic Programming
  • Parallel Processing
  • Programming Languages
  • Automated Theorem Proving
  • Constraint Programming
  • World-Wide Web
  • Compiler Construction

Enrico has received various fellowships (in particular a three years support from EEC to achieve a Master in Computer Science) and a special award from University of Udine as recognition of outstanding thesis work. He has published more than 30 research papers. He has been peer-referee for various conferences and journals on logic programming and parallel computing. He has also served as external consultant for the EEC-funded ESPRIT project AXL.

Enrico is now the director of the knowledge representation, logic, and advanced programing (KLAP) laboratory, a federally funded laboratory dedicated to research on foundations, development and programming of logic and constraint programming, parallel processing and knowledge representation and reasoning. He is also an associate director of the NMSU Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.