Two-Year Course Rotation

Note that Even means even-numbered years and Odd is odd-numbered years. “F” in a Fall column means the course is offered in the fall, and “S” in a Spring column means the course is offered in the spring. Both means both.

Semester letters that are in red indicate that while in recent years this course has lately been offered also in this semester, at some point in the future it could possibly revert back to its home semesters (in black)

Course Title Even Odd Note
Number   Fall Spring Fall Spring  
CS 111 Computer Science Principles F S F S  
CS 171G Introduction to Computer Science F S F S  
CS 172/460 Computer Science I – section 1 F S F S  
CS 271/462 Object Oriented Programming F S F S  
CS 272/463 Introduction to Data Structures F S F S  
CS 273/464 Machine Programming and Organization F S F S  
CS 278/465 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science F S F S  
CS 343/493 Algorithm Design & Implementation   S   S  
CS 370/466 Compilers and Automata Theory F S F S  
CS 371/468 Software Development F S F S  
CS 372/469 Data Structures and Algorithms F S F S  
CS 375 Intelligent Agents using Science Fiction         rare
CS 419 Computing Ethics and Social Implications   S   S take this with 448 unless you must take 448 in fall
CS 448 Senior Project F S F S  
CS 470/501 Functional Programming         rare
CS 471 Programming Language Structure I F   F    
CS 472/511 Logic and Constraint Logic Programming         rare
CS 473 Architectural Concepts I         rare
CS 474 Operating Systems I F   F    
CS 475/505 Artificial Intelligence I   S   S  
CS 476/506 Computer Graphics I         rare
CS 477/517 Digital Game Design F   F    
CS 478/513 Computer Security   S   S  
CS 480 Linux Systems Administration F   F    
CS 481/518 Visual Programming   S   S  
CS 482/502 Database Management Systems I F S F S summer online  occasionally
CS 483/503 Introduction to Robotics     F   has become rare
CS 484/504 Computer Networks I F   F    
CS 485/515 Human-Centered Computing (was UID) F   F    
CS 486/516 Bioinformatics   S   S  
CS 487/519 Applied Machine Learning I   S   S  
CS 488/508 Introduction to Data Mining F   F    
CS 489/509 Bioinformatics Programming F   F    
CS 491/521 Parallel Programming     F    
CS 492/512 Computer Systems Modeling and Simulation         rare
CS 494/514 Intro to Smart Grids       S  
CS 496/522 Cloud and Edge Computing F        
CS 510 Automata; Languages; & Computability F   F    
CS 550 Complexity Theory         rare
CS 552 Intro to Computational Science & Eng.         rare
CS 560 Graph Theory         rare
CS 570 Analysis of Algorithms   S   S  
CS 571 Programming Language Structure II         rare
CS 572 Advanced Algorithms         rare
CS 573 Architectural Concepts II F   F   may become rare, likely switch to Spring
CS 574 Operating Systems II   S   S likely switch to fall; may skip Spring 2020
CS 575 Artificial Intelligence II F   F    
CS 580 Compiler Construction         rare
CS 581 Advanced Software Engineering   S   S  
CS 582 Database Management Systems II   S   S  
CS 584 Computer Networks II   S   S  
CS 586 Algorithms in Systems Biology F   F