Two-Year Course Rotation

(Note that Even means even-numbered years and Odd is odd-numbered years.)

Course Title Even Odd Note
Number Fall Spring Fall Spring
CS 110 Computer Literacy F S F S
CS 111 Computer Science Principles F S F S
CS 171G Introduction to Computer Science F S F S
CS 172/460 Computer Science I – section 1 F S F S
CS 271/462 Object Oriented Programming F S F S
CS 272/463 Introduction to Data Structures F S F S
CS 273/464 Machine Programming and Organization F S F S
CS 278/465 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science F F lately both
CS 343/493 Algorithm Design & Implementation S S
CS 370/466 Compilers and Automata Theory S S lately both
CS 371/468 Software Development F F lately both
CS 372/469 Data Structures and Algorithms F S F S may go to 1/yr
CS 375 Intelligent Agents using Science Fiction not decided
CS 419 Computing Ethics and Social Implications S S
CS 448 Senior Project S S
CS 470/501 Functional Programming rare
CS 471 Programming Language Structure I F F changed to fall only!
CS 472/511 Logic and Constraint Logic Programming rare
CS 473 Architectural Concepts I S S
CS 474 Operating Systems I F F
CS 475/505 Artificial Intelligence I S S
CS 476/506 Computer Graphics I S S
CS 477/517 Digital Game Design F F
CS 478/513 Computer Security S S
CS 480 Linux Systems Administration F F
CS 481/518 Visual Programming S S
CS 482/502 Database Management Systems I F F
CS 483/503 Introduction to Robotics F F
CS 484/504 Computer Networks I F F
CS 485/515 User Interface Design F F
CS 486/516 Bioinformatics S S
CS 488/508 Introduction to Data Mining F F
CS 489/509 Bioinformatics Programming S S
CS 491/521 Parallel Programming F F
CS 492/512 Computer Systems Modeling and Simulation rare
CS 494/514 Intro to Smart Grids F F tentative
CS 510 Automata; Languages; & Computability F F
CS 550 Complexity Theory rare
CS 552 Intro to Computational Science & Eng. rare
CS 560 Graph Theory rare
CS 570 Analysis of Algorithms S S
CS 571 Programming Language Structure II S S
CS 572 Advanced Algorithms rare
CS 573 Architectural Concepts II F F
CS 574 Operating Systems II S S
CS 575 Artificial Intelligence II F F
CS 580 Compiler Construction rare
CS 581 Advanced Software Engineering S S
CS 582 Database Management Systems II S S
CS 584 Computer Networks II S S
CS 586 Algorithms in Systems Biology F F