Application Deadline

    • Application for summer 2022 is open. Please click here to apply. 
    • The deadline is Feb. 20, 2022.
    • May 23, 2022 (Monday): Summer REU program starts
    • July 29, 2022 (Friday): Last day of the summer REU program


Applicants must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the United States.

Applicants must be Undergraduate students. An undergraduate student is a student who is enrolled in a degree program (part-time or full-time) leading to a baccalaureate or associate degree. In particular,

  • Students who are transferring from one college or university to another and are enrolled at neither institution during the intervening summer may participate.
  • High school graduates who have been accepted at an undergraduate institution but who have not yet started their undergraduate study are also eligible to participate.
  • Students who have received their bachelor’s degrees and are no longer enrolled as undergraduates are generally not eligible to participate.


Your application information will be reviewed by the Faculty member(s) managing the REU Site to which you apply in consideration of your candidacy. An additional evaluator will compile aggregate application information anonymously for general reporting purposes to the National Science Foundation, and may be used in future publications to describe REU applicant pool demographic information anonymously. Any information about your application, including your identity, is completely confidential. All reports or publications will ensure anonymity of the application information. The following steps will be taken to ensure this confidentiality:

  • A unique code will be generated to label your information.
  • The relationship between this code and your identifying information will be kept strictly confidential.
  • When reporting applicant pool information, care will be taken to ensure that no individual’s response can be identified.
  • All information will be stored in a secure database, with no names associated with the data. You have the option to have your application information excluded from the aggregate data pool used for a research study by selecting the item to opt out of the study; if you opt out, your application will still be considered at the REU site, but the evaluator will exclude your information from the study.

Statement of Fair Treatment and Respect

The site’s activities and accomplishments will be evaluated internally by Dr. Enrico Pontelli, and Dr. Sarah Hug as the external evaluator. Dr. Hug earned her PhD in Educational Psychology from the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, and is the director of Colorado Evaluation & Research Consulting. She is an experienced evaluator and educational researcher, with experience on mixed methods, undergraduate STEM education, and broadening participation in computing.
We want to make sure that you are treated in a fair and respectful manner.

Voluntary Participation

You are a volunteer and can decide whether or not to participate in this research study. Your decision to participate or refrain from participation will not affect your application to the REU program. You will have the option within the application to opt out of participation in the research study. If you select to opt out, your application information will not be included in the study.


I have read the information in this consent form. I have had the chance to ask questions about the application information sharing, and those questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

The University is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Personal information is used for descriptive purposes only and not in consideration of your eligibility.

Instructions on sending recommendation letters

We will notify you if recommendation letters are needed.