TEAMS: The Extensible Aspect-oriented Monitoring System

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We are using AOP to create a high-level abstraction for creating efficient runtime monitoring instrumentation. This project entails extending AOP ideas and implementations to support more detailed advice weaving and advice weaving over non-code dimensions (e.g., for sampling). TEAMS is an Aspect Oriented Programming Framework for Runtime Monitoring and Dynamic Analysis that is developed in the PLEASE lab. This project is an ongoing work and the new version of TEAMS will be released very soon. Please re-visit the webpage to get new updates. Please contact us at rah (AT) nmsu (dot) edu if you have any further question!

The development of reliable software often requires the dynamic monitoring of the system under development for many reasons, but creating low-level instrumentation is difficult and developers are generally restricted to using what existing tools offer. It is possible to create an efficient instrumentation framework that provides an effective Aspect-Oriented Programming based high level interface for instrumentation while also providing an effective capability for extension that enables full monitoring concept coverage. The Extensible Aspect-Oriented Monitoring System (TEAMS), an aspect-oriented framework, is defined in this work to specify required instrumentation in a high-level formalism. The purposes for this framework are simplicity, extensibility, portability, and for monitoring concept coverage. The TEAMS aim is to provide researchers an easy-to-use platform for building instrumentation that will support their monitoring and analysis research, and will provide practioners the ability to craft their own analyses without needing to understand low-level instrumentation.