Accepted Papers

Title Authors
A Choice-Point Library for Backtrack Programming Pierre-Etienne Moreau
Parallel Arc-Consistency for Functional Constraints A. Ruiz-Andino, J. Ruz, L. Araujo, F. Saenz
SICStus MT - Multithreaded Execution Environment for SICStus Prolog J. Eskilson, M. Carlsson
Compiling Resources in a Linear Logic Programming Language M. Banbara, N. Tamura
Pseudo-Naive Evaluation:  Mixing Top-down and Bottom-up Execution for Strongly Stratified Logic Programs D.A. Smith, M. Utting
Extension of the Revised Simplex Method for Detecting Implicit Equalities in Constraint Logic Programming P. Refalo
Tracing Prolog Programs by Source Instrumentation is Efficient Enough M. Ducasse, J. Noye
Natural Language Multiprocessing: A Case Study E. Pontelli, G. Gupta, J. Wiebe, D. Farwell