Main Publications

  • F. Campeotto, A. Dal Palù, A. Dovier, F. Fioretto, and E. Pontelli.
    A Constraint Solver for Flexible Protein Models.
    JAIR (Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research) 48:953-1000, 2013.
  • Ferdinando Fioretto, Enrico Pontelli. “Community-based Gene Regulatory Network Inference with Constraint Programming”. In Workshop on Constraint-Based-Methods for Bioinformatics (WCB). Colocated with CP, 2013.
  • Ferdinando Fioretto, Enrico Pontelli. “Constraint Programming in Community-based Gene Regulatory Network Inference” . Proc. of the Computational Methods in System Biology (CMSB), A. Gupta and T.A. Henzinger (editors). Volume 8130 of LNCS/LNBI pages 135-149, Springer, 2013. Best student paper award.
  • F. Campeotto, A. Dal Palù, A. Dovier, F. Fioretto, and E. Pontelli. “A Filtering Technique for Fragment Assembly-based Proteins Loop Modeling with Constraints”. Proc. of CP 2012, 18th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming. Quebec City, Canada, 8-12 October 2012. Extra Material
  • Michael Best, Kabi Bhattarai, Federico Campeotto, Alessandro Dal Palù, Hung Dang, Agostino Dovier, Ferdinando Fioretto, Federico Fogolari, Trung Le, and Enrico Pontelli. “Introducing FIASCO: Fragment-based Interactive Assembly for protein Structure prediction with COnstraints”. In WCB 11, Perugia, September 2011.
  • Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, Federico Fogolari, and Enrico Pontelli.
    Exploring Protein Fragment Assembly Using CLP“.
    In IJCAI11, Twenty-second International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, July 16-22, 2011, pp. 2590-2595, AAAI Press, Barcelona.
  • A. Dal Palù, A. Dovier, F. Fogolari, and E. Pontelli. “CLP-based protein fragment assembly”. (Draft) Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, special issue dedicated to ICLP 2010. 10(4-6): pp 709-724, July 2010.